$99.00 USD

Managing Conflict with Confidence Virtual Training Program

Improve your ability to manage conflict with confidence

Key Outcomes:

  • See the Positive Side of Conflict – Gain the benefit of different perspectives, more creativity, better decisions and improved relationships.
  • Respond with Confidence – Manage your emotions and stay in control.
  • Determine If It Is Really a Conflict – Clarity helps you decide what you need to do.
  • Use Active Listening as an Advantage – Listen your way to common ground.
  • Keys for Confident Conversations – Use 3 keys to get to the root of conflict.
  • Prepare for the Unexpected – Create a confidence habit.

Master holding difficult conversations with confidence that will help you manage conflict and result in improving relationships with your team and your peers. Learn and apply a process that will give you more confidence in leading your team, encourage innovation and productivity.


  • 6 video lessons delivered weekly to pace your progress and allow for application
  • worksheets and application exercises
  • lifetime access to this training