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Hi, I'm Jill 

Founder of The Leaders' Coach


This is my Story

I have a passion for helping leaders and organizations grow and reach their full potential. With extensive leadership experience and proven results working inside multiple Fortune 100 global and regional organizations, I understand the challenges businesses face today.  I work with mid to senior level executives and business owners to reach their potential and help create organizational climates that lead to lifelong prosperity. 

I'm not just a leadership coach and trainer‚ÄĒI'm your partner in unlocking the arsenal of tools and cultivating the mindset needed to sculpt your most compelling, authentic leadership style. I help executives develop their¬†leadership and communication skills¬†so that they can¬†build a strong, cohesive team¬†and break through any barriers holding themselves and their team back‚Ķ.and not have to burn themselves out by doing so!

I partner with all sizes of organizations and help them refine and align their strategy, execute change, build strong teams, and implement targeted leadership development programs. Translating theory into practical talent strategies, identifying themes and trends from data analysis, communicating results, and influencing decisions at the highest level.

I'm the maestro who unveils the power of conscious thinking, stripping away the veil from the 90% of unconscious thoughts that often steer our actions. With me, you're in for a paradigm shift that translates to tangible, desired outcomes.

But wait, there's more! I'm the linchpin for HR leaders seeking to orchestrate high-performing, engaged organizations. My expertise spans change management, succession planning, and crafting robust leadership development strategies. Before birthing The Leaders‚Äô Coach,¬†I globe-trotted as an HR executive, sculpting leaders worldwide.¬†My fervor for leveraging neuroscience in coaching and training sprouted from collaborating with analytical minds in technical domains. Neuroscience isn't just 'soft stuff'‚ÄĒit's hardcore data that decodes how we're wired to think, feel, and act.¬†I'm the conductor harnessing this insight to redefine how we lead, communicate, make decisions, and navigate change.

Certified in coaching, wielding emotional intelligence and neuroscience as her tools of choice, I'm your go-to for executive coaching, organizational consulting, leadership workshops, and captivating speeches. Off-duty, I'm a devoted partner of 27 years to my husband, Kelly, and we share a beautiful bond with our wonderful son. My sanctuary? Nestled amidst her love for gardening and camping, where nature becomes both muse and solace.

Ready to elevate your leadership game? I'm your beacon, your strategic ally in sculpting not just leadership, but legacies.

I absolutely love learning and growing and am continuously upgrading my skills so that I can bring value to you and your team! Here are just a few examples.

Certifications & Education:

  • Masters in Organizational Behavior, Pfeiffer University
  • Executive Masters in Neuroleadership, Neuroleadership Institute
  • Bachelor in Psychology, Michigan State University
  • Certified Coach, Speaker & Trainer (John Maxwell Leadership Institute)
  • Certified Executive Coach (Gestalt Institute)
  • Certified Executive Coach in Emotional Intelligence (Weatherhead, Case Western Reserve)
  • Certified Life Coach, Symbiosis Coaching
  • Certified Organization Design practitioner (USC Center for Effective Organizations)
  • Certified Organization Change Practitioner (Prosci)
  • Certified Six Sigma Greenbelt and Blackbelt