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Struggling with Productivity? See How a Solid Routine Can Boost Your Output

productivity routine Nov 17, 2023

A boost in productivity can deliver beautiful results in your life. It doesn't matter whether you want a better relationship, more money, better health and wellness, or just about anything. When you are highly productive, you create more of the results you're looking for.

 You are no doubt aware that the opposite is also true. Your productivity can lag when you aren't cautious of your time and efforts. You don't get the output you want. Fortunately, there's an easy fix. The more positive routines you add to your life, the more productivity you can enjoy.

Defining Routine

We often think of routine as boring. For example, you may drive the same way to work every day. You probably don't think much about the process. You jump in your vehicle and take off. Before you know it, you've traveled the same route to work you use every day. No conscious energy or thought is dedicated to the process.

You certainly wouldn't think of that routine as exciting. It might even be boring. That's sometimes a good thing.

What's happening is that your subconscious has taken over the process. You've done the same thing the same way at the same time so many days that your brain has recognized this as a habit. The outcome is predictable, and so is the process.

The task is moved to your subconscious so your conscious energy can be devoted to other things.

That's a routine. It's a system of steps or a process that generates a predictable result. Routines can be boring or exciting and can produce negative or positive output.

How Routines Boost Productivity

Routines are structured actions. You have a step-by-step system or process to follow. As it turns out, the human mind loves structure. It prefers order and discipline. These are essential aspects of a routine.

When you first develop a routine, it takes discipline to stick to it. Do it long enough, and it becomes automatic. Your daily drives to and from work become habits you don't have to think about consciously.

This is what drives productivity.

Your conscious mind doesn't have to think about the process. Over time, you subconsciously understand the steps in the routine that deliver the best possible output. So, you eventually develop a highly productive routine.

You make fewer mistakes when you give your subconscious mind more of the tasks in your life rather than dealing with them consciously. Your time is used more efficiently. You get more done in less time, and that's the definition of a high level of productivity.

What Routines Do You Currently Have in Your Life?

Remember, routines can produce negative as well as positive results. That means you need to look at your life. What routines do you need to change? What habits are producing bad results? Then, look for opportunities to convert conscious decisions into unconscious habits by routinely repeating them.

Do you find yourself running late in the mornings? Develop a morning routine. Are there certain times at work when you predictably fall behind? Create a routine instead of simply taking work tasks as they come. Routines increase the level of productivity you enjoy in your life. There's less strain on the brain, less stress, and anxiety. In any aspect of your life, you enjoy better productivity, which means more free time.


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