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3 Steps Towards Unshakable Confidence

coaching confidence focus imposter syndrome Feb 26, 2024

Do you know anyone who always seems to be confident? The truth is, behind closed doors, they sometimes doubt themselves. They consistently appear calm and self-assured because they know how to restore their self-confidence when it falters. Here is a three-step process to develop rock-solid confidence that's always there when you need it.

1 – Stop Caring About What Other People Think

If you knew how infrequently others cared about what you were doing, you wouldn't worry about their opinions. We sometimes suffer from the idea that people will laugh at us if we stumble and fall. This is a mindset that is directly opposite that of a confident person.

Stop caring about what other people think and what they say about you.

Constantly going through life concerned about the opinions of others is a guaranteed recipe for frustration, stress, and anxiety. That's not much of a breeding ground for confidence. This might include people who care about you. They may unwittingly blow your self-confidence when they think they are acting in your best interests.

The opinions of others can be helpful at times. They can also override your belief systems and values. The less you are concerned about how others perceive your behaviors, the more confidence you will have. 

Show up as your best self and don't let others shrink your confidence.

2 – Start Each Day off with a Victory

Now that you've removed concern over the opinions of others, why not start each day with a step in the right direction? Begin every day with a victory. Start with a task you know you can complete successfully.

It doesn't matter if it is a relatively minor accomplishment. Success can give you a lot of momentum. Subconsciously, you begin to understand that you can make positive things happen. Confident people get that way because they remember when they have succeeded in the past. They are constantly giving themselves proof that they can create positive outcomes. You do the same when you begin each day by providing that proof.

3 – Congratulate Yourself for Taking Action, Not for the Results You Experience

Believe in the process. That process is in confidently taking steps towards the achievement of your goals. Do whatever is required in an attempt to create a successful outcome. Then, give yourself credit for taking action.

Your efforts won't always lead to success. But if you didn't make any effort at all, you would have no chance of creating the result you desire. Congratulate yourself for having the confidence to take action, even when that action didn't lead to the intended result.

These are three simple steps for creating unshakable confidence. Work through them every day. Put them into play in your life. The benefit is reliable self-assuredness in all of your endeavors.

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