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Are your employees ready to renew or will they cancel you?

Jan 26, 2023
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What do you subscribe to? If you’re like me you have a lot of subscriptions for news, technology, movies, associations, etc. Every year I take the time to look through them, ask myself if they added value, and decide if I want to renew. I don’t have to renew and I am getting better at letting go of the subscriptions that don’t make sense for me now. Maybe they did before, but not now – things change right? 

I was having this conversation with one of the execs I coach and told her it makes me think about how this relates to employee retention. What if we thought about employees renewing themselves to us, the team, the organization? When we are recruiting employees, we pull out all the stops – tell them about how great we are, what they can do with us and how much we want them here. Then they join us and what happens next? Do we assume they will automatically renew with us?  

A new report from Gallup finds that large numbers of workers, especially Gen Zers and young millennials, are not engaged with their jobs. And that could make their climb up the career ladder harder, as well as hurt companies' overall performance. 

Employee engagement has fallen since 2020. 

The Gallup survey of roughly 67,000 people in 2022 found only 32% of workers are engaged with their work compared with 36% in 2020. 

The share of workers found to be "actively disengaged" has risen since 2020, while the share of those in the middle — those considered "not engaged" — has remained about the same. 

So….what do you do? While there are several strategies you can take to re-engage your team, one of my favorites is the Stay Interview. The stay interview is a conversation with your current employees asking them why they stay, what they love to do, what they want to do next and a chance for you to let them know how they are valued. I promise that when you have this conversation, you will learn more about your employees and what they need from you.  

Stop guessing and start asking! Don’t wait to find out in the exit interview. 

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