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From Impostor Fears to Genuine Confidence: A Journey

imposter syndrome mindset Nov 30, 2023

Moving from thoughts of fraud to self-confidence isn't an overnight journey. You can begin believing in yourself right away. It only takes a few seconds to embrace the idea that you are in charge of your life and can accomplish anything. That you are deserving of any attention or recognition you get because of the positive experiences you create.

However, if you suffer from impostor syndrome, then establishing reliable confidence and a long-term belief in yourself is going to take time.

People who fight feelings of inadequacy say they have had these beliefs their entire lives in some cases. What takes years to create might take some time to disassemble. The first step is realizing this could be a lifelong journey.

The Bigger Your Achievements, the More Likely You Are to Discredit Them

People who single-handedly and significantly changed human history often believed they were frauds. Certainly, their singular efforts couldn't have had such an amazing impact. Yet they did. Even in the face of proof that their skills, hard work, and effort created positive change for humanity, they refused to believe they were anything other than lucky.

When you think about it, this makes sense.

The bigger your achievement, the harder it might be to accept that you were the one responsible for it. Remember this. It's a knee-jerk reaction common to many people. This can help you embrace the idea that you are capable of great things and deserve all the recognition you receive for your efforts.

You Believe What You See

Most people will live past 70 years of age. Many live into their 80s and 90s. What you regularly see over these 70, 80, 90 years directly affects your thoughts and life. That means the sooner you start your journey from impostor feelings to self-confidence, the less impact they will have on the rest of your life.

Keep a success journal. Create a success board with images and memories of your past achievements. Spend time with people who recognize you for the capable, worthy, and deserving person you are. Develop an environment that fosters worthiness and high self-esteem rather than incapability and inadequacy.

Play the Reframing Game

A lovely piece of art in an ugly picture frame can't convey all of its beauty. It needs to be reframed. Use the same strategy to defeat impostor syndrome.

When you doubt yourself, consciously stop your thought process. Look at the evidence. Reframe your thoughts from negative to positive. Think about all your hard work that led to this point. Remind yourself of previous successes. Tell yourself you are worthy of any credit you receive for your accomplishments and that you can do great things.

You are going to believe whatever you see regularly. So, develop an image of yourself as capable, confident, and worthy of positive recognition. Reframe self-doubt and turn it into self-confidence with positive self-talk. Recognize that defeating impostor syndrome is going to take time, especially if it’s been happening for years. Then, create an environment that promotes a positive self-image and fill it with people who respect and admire you.

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