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Lifelong Learning Can Keep Your Brain Sharp

coaching leadership mindset neuroscience Oct 25, 2023

Pursuing knowledge for professional or personal reasons can keep you mentally sharp. Some lifelong learners are the people you meet in their eighties, nineties, and even older who still have excellent cognitive abilities. While this wonderful trait can be influenced by your genetics and family tree, a continual desire to learn can help anyone develop and maintain a high level of mental health.

Albert Einstein, Confucius, and Leonardo da Vinci are often considered some of the wisest people ever. They were notorious lifelong learners. Their thirst for knowledge never stopped. They made it a regular daily practice to absorb new information.

No matter what you believe your mental abilities are right now, you can change it. You can let it diminish by not challenging your brain regularly, or you can boost your brain's health by challenging it with new information. Here are a few smart habits of lifelong learners.

Reading Regularly

Warren Buffet is widely regarded as a financial guru. He is a smart investor who has become one of the world's richest men. He often talks about his voracious reading habits as a key to the financial success he has enjoyed.

He is far from the only famous person that understands reading is a great way to keep your brain sharp. Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, and Elon Musk give credit to their high-volume reading habits for their successes.

Borrowing Knowledge from Others

Lifelong learners are constantly "stealing" knowledge from people smarter than themselves. You can also keep your mind sharp by learning from people who may have a lower IQ than you have. So many people have a wealth of knowledge that you don't have. To give yourself the greatest opportunity at a sharp mind throughout your life, make it a habit to learn from others.

 Asking Lots of Questions

Lifelong learners are curious. They absolutely can't stop themselves from asking questions. This comes from their thirst for knowledge. If you want to make your brain sharper and more capable, never stop questioning the world around you.

Seeing Every Life Experience As a Learning Opportunity

People often learn lessons from success. You can certainly do that. When you succeed, you discover what works. Then, you can use that information to succeed again in the future. Failure can also teach you incredible lessons. An average day where you don't experience any big successes or failures is also full of learning opportunities. You must take advantage of life's many learning opportunities to boost your mental capabilities and stay sharp at any age.

Never stop learning. Push yourself mentally every day. There is so much to gain from lifelong learning. Endless research shows that physical health is influenced positively by mental wellness. So you aren't just keeping your brain sharp when you learn new things. You're also giving your physical health a beneficial boost.

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