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Master Your Goals: How a Well-Structured Daily Routine Can Propel You to Success

goals habits productivity routine Nov 20, 2023

Computer programs work without having consciousness. They are nothing more than routines. They follow a specific path to generate a desired outcome. Fortunately, your brain is an incredible computer. It can be programmed with routines to deliver predictable and positive results.

How a Structured Daily Routine Creates More Success in Your Life

Have you ever tried to create a meal with a recipe that could have been more specific? It may not have turned out well. Someone gave you general ideas of what you needed but no specific measurements. They didn't specify where certain foods were required.

A recipe may have said to use any fish when salmon produces the best result. Someone told you to bake something using an alternative to all-purpose flour. You choose almond flour, and you find out later that coconut flour produces a tastier outcome.

These are examples of routines needing more well-defined structures.

On the other hand, a well-structured routine can predictably create a specific outcome. Once you find out what works, you stick to it. And instead of loosely having a system to follow, your decision-making is removed from the process.

That's why structured daily routines deliver such a high level of productivity. Your conscious brain has little to do. You take the first step. Then, you do whatever the second step requires.

For this to work correctly, write down the process and follow it regularly until it becomes a habit. Before long, the process is committed to your memory and your subconscious. It becomes automatic.

Your Physical Body Loves Routine and Structure Just As Much As Your Brain Does

When you were in school, your day was mapped out. You were told what to do at each point in the day. Repeating those daily routines meant that your mind quickly learned to prepare you for the next stage in the process.

Repetition and routine also teach your body to remember a process, not just your brain. If you don't believe this, think about what happens when you lose power in your home.

Even though you consciously know that flipping a light switch will not illuminate the darkness, your hand inevitably goes to the switch. There's no thinking involved. Physical movement is automatic because it has always produced a predictable result.

You may even watch your hand moving to the light switch and consciously try to stop what you are doing. But since your body has learned the physical process through routine, you flip the switch anyway. You can take advantage of this natural fact.

Routines Erase the Errors, Mistakes, and Uncertainty of Conscious Mental Effort

Routines take your conscious mind out of the game. That sounds scary, but it's actually good. Automated processes teach your brain and body how to do things a certain way. Then, you repeat the process once you create the desired result.

You can develop these routines in any aspect of your life. They remove the decision-making process of conscious thinking that can sometimes lead to mistakes and uncertain outcomes. That means more positive results, efficient use of your time, better productivity, and more success.

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