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The Science Behind Focus and How It Affects Success

goals habits neuroscience productivity Feb 09, 2024

Though focus and visualization are part of achieving success, you can’t just "think" your way to success. If that were possible, everyone would be living their dream reality. You need to develop a smart game plan. You have to take action. You need to put certain things in place to move you towards achieving a big goal.

Science tells us there is a reason we move towards the things we focus on most of the time. Your brain is a goal striving machine. A special filter in your brain prioritizes what you give most of your attention to. It filters the millions of data bits you absorb daily, ignoring what doesn't matter.

This filter, the Reticular Activating System or RAS, keeps you from overloading with excessive information and useless mental input. This part of your brain, which is about the size of your little finger, can help you attract what you focus on over time.

Your Focus Tells the RAS What's Important

The RAS sends a high-alert message to several areas of your brain when it believes it has encountered important information. How does it decide what's important to you? If you regularly focus on an activity, a goal, or a desire, this powerful filter recognizes your focus as special.

It works like a computer search engine but is much more powerful. When it recognizes the object of your constant focus, it relays that information to processors in your brain. It is constantly searching through all of the data you receive every day, and like Google, when it recognizes a lot of searches for the same topic (the object of your focus), it understands that it is important to you.

It then goes to work creating a specific filter for the object of your focus. It strengthens your beliefs. Subconsciously, you will begin to move in the direction of attaining that experience, goal, or achievement. This happens without you even realizing it. And while at the beginning of this process, your focus has to be conscious, and you need to work on staying focused, the process is automated over time.

You focus on a goal, the RAS, and your subconscious points to evidence in the real world that you are moving toward your goal, and your behavior joins the party. You take the necessary actions to reach your goal. This is how focus leads to success.

Over time, focus becomes easier, and your advancement to goal achievement picks up the pace. So do your part. Daily, consciously, and intently focus on a reality you want to experience. Your RAS and subconscious will handle the scientific part of the equation, and you'll move closer to success.

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