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The Surprising Benefits of Talking about Impostor Feelings

coaching imposter syndrome leadership mindset Dec 11, 2023

Do you sometimes feel like an impostor, a fraud? You think everything you've accomplished is because you were lucky. You are always in the right place at the right time. Undoubtedly, your wonderful reality isn't a product of your skills and hard work. Anyone could have the rewarding experiences you have, and any day now, someone will point their finger at you and scream, "Impostor!"

Those are the thoughts of someone suffering from imposter syndrome.

They might suffer from perfectionism because they believe if they don't work harder and longer than everyone else, then they will be discovered as fake. Self-doubt and low self-esteem are other common symptoms. This can be a limiting mindset that keeps you from living the life of your dreams. To keep that from happening, consider the benefits of talking about your feelings when they threaten to hold you back.

You Discover A Lot Of People Feel This Way

You are by no means alone. Talking with others about your limiting beliefs reveals that this is a common mistaken assumption. You might discover someone you respect doesn't believe they deserve their successes and the accompanying recognition they receive. That's an eye-opening revelation. It helps you realize that perhaps the feelings you have are undeserved.

You Are Better Prepared for Future Limiting Beliefs

You decide to talk to your friends about your belief that you are a fraud who will be discovered at any second. You aren't worthy of the good things in your life. You are just lucky. Your friends tell you of similar feelings. They even bring up some related thoughts you still need to consider.

Being exposed to impostor feelings you weren't aware of can help you prepare for them ahead of time. When they appear, you recognize them as mere thoughts and not valid indicators of your potential.

You Develop a Strong Support Team

We are often our own worst enemies. We are constantly processing negative thoughts. They usually aren't a reflection of our reality or the future we can create for ourselves. When these self-doubts and uncertainties surface, it's essential to have a support team in place.

This is what you develop when you talk about your impostor feelings with others. The people who identify with you can be there when you need them. You can support them as well. It’s much easier to combat impostor syndrome when you have a solid support system you can talk to about your insecurities.

When you feel undeserving and inadequate, remember the benefits of talking about those feelings. They keep you from experiencing the self-doubt, fear, and uncertainty accompanying impostor syndrome. You choose instead to believe you are capable of achieving your goals. You are worthy of the wonderful life you are creating.

Ready to go deeper? You can take my online course "The Imposter Syndrome Solution" and I will guide you through the complex maze of Impostor Syndrome, shedding light on its intricacies and equipping you with effective tools to dismantle it.

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