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The Top Three Barriers to Focus and How to Overcome Them

goals habits leadership neuroscience procrastination routine Feb 14, 2024

Do you ever get down on yourself because you can't seem to stay focused? You wonder why it's difficult for you to stay on task. Why don't you have the self-control to do what you need to do? Self-control might not be the issue. You may encounter one of these three common reasons for a lack of focus.

1 – Lack of Motivation

You can't get motivated even though you know what must be done. Does that sound familiar? It happens to us all. The problem might be that you need an incentive to stay focused to get the job done.

Look at what you need to do. What results will your focused attention give you? Find some reward that will come from your effort. This gives you an incentive to focus your energy. If the upside of your focus is enticing, you'll find it easier to take action. If you lack the motivation to focus, create that motivation.

2 – Wishing You Were Doing Something Else

Distractions are a significant barrier to focus. This is why many schools and universities hold classes in rooms without windows. The students might struggle to focus when the weather outside is beautiful. It makes them think about going to the beach rather than paying attention in class.

Focusing on a task or responsibility is hard when you wish to do something else. When this happens, reward yourself with something you would rather be doing, but only after focusing on what needs to be done first.

If spending time with a friend is preferable to completing necessary household chores, make yourself a promise. Tell yourself that if you focus your energy and get everything done, your reward will be spending the rest of the day with your best friend.

3 – Uncertainty about Your Purpose

This is a common reason some people need help to stay focused. They take on a responsibility or get involved with a task without a clear purpose. Since they don't connect with the reason for what they are being asked to do, their attention drifts.

One way to get around this shared experience is to revisit why you are involved in this activity. Why are you here? What made you take on this responsibility? Revisiting the reasons for your involvement can remind you of why you must stay focused.

Don't give yourself a hard time when you struggle to focus. This happens to all of us. There are so many distractions in our modern world; it's no wonder minds wander. When it happens, follow the advice above. It renders these productivity busters powerless and can help you focus your attention again.

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